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Title FAQ
Posted by 니니멀 (ip:)
  • Date 2018-06-07
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Can you group all items together for shipping?

We’re sorry that we can’t group and ship all items together for overseas delivery.


I’d like to add another item on my order form.

Please contact us and make inquiry in Q&A Board, if you want to add more items on your order form. You can purchase additional items before delivery.


Can I exchange product?

You can exchange product before delivery.

Please contact us and make inquiry in Q&A Board, if you want to exchange item.

However, you can’t exchange any item or product if it’s delivered.


Can I get refund?

You can’t get refund if you’re not happy or satisfied with product or make mistake in making order.


I’d like to cancel my order.

Since all products are made after receiving order, you can’t cancel your order once we begin production. However, it’s possible to cancel your order if we do not begin production work. So, please contact us and make inquiry in Q&A Board, if you want to cancel.


I want to change address.

You can change your address if the product is not shipped yet.

If you want to review your address, pleas contact us through Q&A Board.


How much it will cost for delivery?

Two options for overseas delivery: EMS, K-Packet.

EMS delivery charge is about 15-30 dollars and it depends on country.

K-Packet deliver charge is about 8~11 dollars and also, it depends on country.

You can check out your delivery charge by each country when you fill out order form.


Could you give me a list of countries where this web site provides overseas delivery?

Please check out the list of available countries when you fill out order form.


How long does it take for delivery?

Generally, Ems takes 2-7 days and K-Packet takes about 7-30 days.


How long does it take to make product?

All products are hand-made. After confirmation or order, the clothing will be made.

It takes about 6-12 business days from the day you make order.

If it's completed, the product will be shipped and also, shipping time varies depending on shipping option you’ve selected.


Can I get customized product?

The customized product or item is not available.

Please check out unavailable list as shown below.

-Customized character costume

-Cloth for another doll, no Obitsu Doll 11

-Change in cloth design

-Change of cloth color

-Change of fabric or materials for cloth

-Change of length


The products are different between homepages in Korean and English version.

The types of products shown in English version homepage can be different with Korean version.

You can not place order or request overseas delivery for the product which is not shown in English version homepage.

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